Here are just some Testimonies from our customers.
This is why we love doing this!

Dear Sidnee and Blake,

"I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to purchase your beautiful, refurbished camel back trunk and for shipping it through the complications of US/Canada customs! This trunk as I mentioned, is almost an exact replica of the one my father lost in a devastating house fire two years ago. He just passed away very unexpectedly four months ago, missing the chance of meeting his newborn granddaughter by two weeks. Having such a memorable antique in my possession will give me the opportunity to not only relive memories of my Dad but will also allow us to create new ones with his spirit not too far from our hearts.  This trunk will be a "hope chest" for our little daughter, and we will share with her the sentimental value of it, as one day it will be hers."

Below are some more of the responses we have received from our customers:

 "Thanks so much again for all your care in the workmanship in refurbishing the trunk, it shows this impeccably."


"The Trunk we purchased from you was more than we expected. Fantastic addition to our home which we will keep and pass on to our children"


"Thank you so very much for the great service. It has been a pleasure to deal with you, and we Love the beautiful Flat Top Trunk we purchased."


"You guys are Great, and the new trunk looks Wonderful in our Home"


"Thank you for our new Trunk. The trunk is Beautiful and the refinish work is incredible.
What a difference from what it looked like before you refinished it!"

"Thank you for the History section on your website, and the help in dating my trunk. After talking with you and ordering the refinishing tools, I can now refinish my Grandfather's trunk!"
"Love the Trunk Photo Gallery and the Trunk History Section"
"I looked over the trunks on your website... they're gorgeous!  You do beautiful work "
 "I am very much looking forward to receiving the trunk . I think it is absolutely beautiful.
We will cherish it in our family."