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Paris, France Trunk made by
J H Mermilliod 213,RueSaint honore,213 Paris

Very desirable JH Mermilliod trunk made in Paris, France. This trunk was made most likely in the mid to late 1800's as Mermilliod bought the company Marechal in about 1840.The canvas covering pattern is Very stylish, and highly desired. This trunk, like Louis Vuitton trunks are the most prized of all the Antique trunks sold. The trunk is in original condition, and has the original lock, top handle, and interior basket and interior bottom tray. (please see photos for condition). The original closure strap is missing which is usual. Please contact for a replacement strap if desired. The interior basket fabric webbing has come loose in some areas as expected. The trunk has the original makers label, and several travel labels on the exterior which only add to the charm and historic look. The edge banding is leather with Very small nails like many French trunks from this time period. The best thing about this French trunk is the size. It measures approx. 25 1/2" wide, 19" tall, and 19" from front to back, which is perfect for a coffee table or an occasional or side table. It is smaller than a large full size trunk, and larger than a smaller half trunk or hat trunk. This trunk was most likely used for a wealthy socialites fine dress and accessories. I have never seen one of these, and after doing research from the U.S.A. to France, no one else I have contacted has seen one either, although they all were interested in buying it or selling it for me!

The labels on the exterior of the trunk are, from the best I can see, from the Hotel Bellvue Dresden, Hotel Pension Llm Dresden,  Hamburg Amerika, Luaernerhof, Lloyd (Norddeutchmer  Bremer, Grand Hotel (something) Paris - Strassburg, Hotel Suisse, Vera Cruz Ward Line, and another Strassburg Hotel along with some other labels and label  pieces. This trunk has had a great history of European travel in some of the best places in Europe!

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