How do we Price our Trunks?

We receive numerous emails daily requesting information about the value of people's trunks. Unfortunately, We do not give evaluations or Appraisals.  We are happy to help you find out information about your trunk if we can.
Please go to our "What about my Trunk" section to see how we can help you at no cost.

Although we do not give evaluations or appraisals, there are some people who do give appraisals. However, we realize the truth about the old statement. " It is worth what someone will pay you for it." With this in mind, there are trunks we have that are not for sale at any price due to the sentimental value they have for us.
There was a seller some time ago that had a Louis Vuitton Trunk that was in Nice shape, and was somewhat rare in it's design. They contacted us, and we told them LV trunks ranged from $500 to $5000 at that time, but their trunk would probably bring more due to the rare design. Another 'Appraiser' told them that the trunk was worth $25,000 + ! They thought that they had found the Golden Goose. When they re-contacted us and were upset with what we told them, we said that we were happy for them, and that we wished them the best in getting top dollar. They placed the trunk up for sale, and eventually sold it in the $7000 range. They contacted us and were disappointed and mad that it did not bring more. Now we are not saying that appraisals are not a good thing, but take them with a 'Grain of salt'. One thing is for sure, if you have a trunk that is sentimental to you, or a family heirloom, it is certainly priceless.


There are several factors that determine the price of our trunks:

  1. Our original Cost of the trunk , woodenware box, or Crate.
  2. Since we include shipping in our sale price, this is a big consideration!
    (average shipping costs range from $85.00 to $250.00 and up considering packaging, shipping, size and weight of the item. Very large trunks can cost Hundreds if Freighted)
  3. Time involved in refinishing, Website work, processing, and packaging the trunk
    (we spend an average of 20-30 hours minimum on our trunks from start to finish)
  4. How much do we like the trunk.
    ( Rare and Exceptional trunks are Very hard to find, and will carry a higher price)
  5. Market Prices
    ( We constantly check the market for competitive pricing, and consider this in our pricing)
  6. Finally, and most important. Design, Rarity, Age, Quality of construction, Maker, Beauty,
    and completeness. All these weigh in our our pricing.