This is a large Cedar decorative arts woodenware box. This gem is done in a solid Cedar lumber sporting a spectacular highly figured grain . . . superb! This old treasure chest sports a magnificent lid with copper button corner accents as well as a beautiful copper lock plate. It is truly . . . fabulous! The keyhole is faced with a diamond shaped copper escutcheon. There is only minimal wear in the form of lightly rubbed edges that in no way detract from the strong aesthetic appeal of the piece. In fact and to the contrary, these battle scars add tremendously to the warm and wonderful patina. If you care about having a stricking piece of furniture in your house and care passionately about details, Just look at the feet on this trunk, this jewel belongs to you. Truly a striking and impressive vintage find with a visual heft that warrants showing off. Promises to compliment any fine collection or decor. Dimensions 40"L X 17.5"W X 15.5"H