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Metal Finish with wood slats
Crouch and Fitzgerald -  New York
C&F made the finest trunks in this country and this is one of them.
Here is a beautiful and unusual camel back trunk. The smooth metal exterior and all the fancy metal trim and hardware are complete and original. The background tin is covered with the mysterious Spots in Spots pattern. We think this was achieved by using a chemical process that wore away the multi-color layered surface to varying degrees in a random fashion (in other words the metal was painted multiple colors in separate layers, then something was dripped onto it that wore through the different layers thereby exposing different color spots, some within other spots). This is one pattern that cannot be restored or replaced, so finding a trunk with the pattern in good condition is extremely fortunate. Also the random nature of the pattern means that you'll absolutely NEVER find another trunk just like it. Due to the "one of a kind" nature of this spotted tin it does have a couple of damaged spots but they in no way detract from the stunning beauty of this trunk. The damage you will notice in the photos is a dent in the front panel under the lock and there is a hole in the metal on the top in on the second panel on the left hand side as you look at the trunk. Also the edging on the inside of the trunk where the metal was folded over on the top lip is missing a few small pieces but they do not detract from the over appearance. The beautiful double lock plate is original to this trunk however the top latches are missing on both sides but they are covered with the newly replaced leather lift pieces on the front. Inside does include the original tray. The golden maple hardwood slates really make this a stunning trunk. We were even able to leave the original handles on this one so it's completely original on the outside. This trunk will look very nice in a foyer, at the foot of a bed or just about anywhere and has lots of storage room inside. Outstanding Trunk! This is a Large Trunk and is ready to start another Legacy in your home. Dimensions 36L X 20W X 24H

Due to the large size of this trunk a surcharge is required to ship this trunk through
UPS but this is included in the price.

 It is now ready to begin another Legacy in your home.

Please look at the photos for the Condition.