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Civil War Era Dome Top Trunk
With Knotty Wood and Wooden Handles

Circa 1870

This is a very hard to find Early, Civil War Era dome top steamer trunk. The original leather covering on this trunk has been removed to expose the beautiful hardwood. This trunk has some beautiful wood knots and saw marks from the blade that cut the wood planks over a 100 years ago. (look at the photo of the back of the trunk) Because of the age of the wood it gives off a warmth about it that you cannot get with new wood. The top of the trunk had a crack the length of the trunk which you can see if you look closely at the pictures of the top of the trunk. The repair came out so well that you only notice it if you look for it, and it just adds to the character of this wonderful trunk. The lock mechanism is original and we do have a reproduction key that works on this lock. The trunk has been restored and has been stained in the rich color of "natural" by Minwax and then sealed the trunk with numerous applications of Tung Oil. All the hardware such as the metal latches, the lock and the wooden handles on each side are original. The tray is also original and has a notch cut out of it, which makes you wonder what the original owner was carrying that he/she needed to modify the tray. We have replaced the hinges on the back of the trunk as well as the metal banding around the trunk. A beautiful wooden trunk that due to it's smaller size would love to find a place in your home and not take up to much room! Ahh....if only these trunks could talk what stories they could tell. Ca. 1870 Dimensions 27.5"L X 14.5"W X 16"H
A beautiful wooden trunk!