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Dome Top highly decorative
'Saratoga' grade Antique Trunk
This is an Incredible Saratoga Grade Trunk. While there is some controversy over the definition of a Saratoga Trunk, we think the definition of a high grade, round top, metal trunk, made attractively and built strong identifies this trunk well. This trunk Defines the 'Saratoga'grade trunk! This trunk has numerous hardwood slats to protect the body of this trunk and on every end of these beautiful hardwood slats are decorative cast iron end caps, corners and handle caps, some are embossed with initials and others such as the handle caps are just decorative. This is truly a example of the highest quality of trunks of its day. The slight use of tin on the edges is all original and in very good shape. This trunk is covered in Embossed Leather with only the original wear and tear.  The lock on this wonderful high dome trunk is quite a fancy brass Corbin Cabinet Lock Co. 'New Monitor' lock with a patent date of Oct. 2,1883 from New Britain, Conn. These were generally in use until the 1910's. This is a wonderful example of a large Saratoga Grade trunk. We date this lock to be in the 1883 to 1910 period.  The interior is original including the document pouch and original label. There is no tray or key .Dimensions 33"L X 20"W X 27"H

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