Legacy Trunk Restoration Service Information and General Cost Estimates

 The average cost for a basic restoration of a trunk starts in the $450.00 or more range, and any parts, or extras are at additional costs. Then there are the shipping costs.  The time to completion also runs a minimum of a few of weeks to months depending on the work to be done.....
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 Restoration Photos
including trunk tray refinishing and new trunk tray photos

Below is a photo session of one of the trunks we have refinished.
Also more refinishing photos can be seen here >>
Our Refinishing Procedures

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The trunk pictured below is a Flat Top Steamer trunk of one of our restoration projects for a customer. The trunk was his grandmothers trunk, and is in very nice condition for it's age. The owner requested we strip the canvas off and refinish the trunk with fresh paint, clear coat, and finish. After the process, the trunk has a new beautiful finish, but is now ready to continue on it's legacy with his family........
Before we started on this trunk.......
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The Front of the trunk with some damage, canvas covered, and in need of refinishing The bottom has rust on the metal, and discoloration in the wood Before stripping the inside
notice the oil stain on the inside of the lid
This side needs a new handle, small repairs, repainting, and canvas removal This side needs a new handle, small repairs, repainting, and canvas removal The top is the real issue with this one. There is a Large oil stain in the top, and serious discoloration in the wood.

The trunk has been stripped of the canvas covering and interior lining...
No more old trunk smell !!! 
The trunk is now ready for the finish stage
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The front is now stripped, cleaned, sanded and repaired. The trunk is ready for a
good finish to be applied.
The bottom has been cleaned and sanded to remove the discoloration and rust. The top has been stripped, sanded, and the oil stain removed. This requires experience to know what to use and how to remove it.


The interior has been stripped of the lining and the Trunk Smell is gone. now we will seal the wood and hand beeswax the interior.

This side is stripped and ready for a new
handle and finish.
If you are going to have the trunk lined, we will leave it in this condition.
 We do not line trunks.
This side is stripped, repaired and ready for a new handle and finish.

Here is the Restored / Refinished Trunk.....
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Refinished to a wonderfully beautiful new look with gold accent hardware and lock The bottom still shows the trunk model although it has been refinished The top has had the stain removed and finished to a nice smooth and great look

The interior has been stripped, sanded, and finished with hand rubbed oil and beeswax
The side has been refinished and a new handle installed. Simply a great transformation  We built a new tray for this trunk which is one of our restoration services.
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The side has been refinished and a new handle installed. Simply a great transformation
Now, Here's an Amazing Transformation.......
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Before...layers of green paint hiding a truly beautiful trunk Now the true beauty of this trunk comes to life....
This trunk took many, many hours of paint stripping, rusty removal, and repair including a salvage lock. This was followed with several finishing techniques, and finally a great Lacquer finish. The owner says he Never would have believed we could make it look like this! We agree, this one took a long time, but was worth it!
Building a new tray for your Antique Trunk

Original trays are $100.00 to strip and refinish.  We can also build you a New Tray for $100.00
Custom designed trays will need to be priced individually based on the tray design.
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New tray constructed for customer trunk. This one has 5 1/2" tall sides, we also trays with make trays with  3 1/2" tall sides. Bottom of the tray made of 1/4" - 3/8"
Plywood based on the type of tray
The side of the tray has a round handle to easily remove it from inside the trunk.
Refinished  original tray.....
The tray below was covered in canvas which was badly stained. We stripped the canvas, and in this case were able to save the original edge paper decorative trim and the original Victorian print. This trunk and tray turned out so nice that they were purchased a fashion designer to be used in their New York Fashion Week show!
(click on the photos to enlarge)

Simply incredible trunk tray stripped to wood and refinished. We were lucky to be able to save the original edge decoration and Print.

Rare to find trays in this condition. The tray was covered in Very dirty canvas material and had to be re-glued as it was not very solid.

We are sellers of many types of Wonderful Antique trunks, and we are very dedicated to our customers.
If you are here, you must be looking for a rare and Beautiful Trunk which you and generations to come can love and cherish. We have a large selection of many types of Trunks. In many cases these trunks are a
Hundred or more years old ! As with any Antique they often show signs of their age.

We are constantly increasing our trunk inventory and many are in restoration currently.
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We currently Many Collectible Antique Steamer Trunks!
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