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This is a beautiful Civil War Trunk with brass buttons. They often referred to this type of trunk as a Gold Rush trunk due to the brass buttons on this trunk that some people referred to as looking like Gold Nuggets.

The buttons on this trunk have served their purpose of protecting this trunk however many of them have had the tops worn off or are partially missing. The brass buttons have been painted black by someone along the line of ownership and I have left them as is because replacing them would cause more damage and the buttons do give this trunk a unique character and some are still very much intact. This trunk is made of solid pine and the patina is rich due to the age. This trunk has just been treated with a Feed-N-Wax Wood Preserver and just came out looking great. The strapping and lip are made of steel and the unusual double locks on this trunk are also unique and date back to the 1860's. You have to look closely but the top latch is missing on both of the locks, which is common on this type of lock, but is just a minor detail and does not detract from the look of this trunk. The leather handles have been replaced and the hinges have been added to the lid of this trunk. It is of great size measuring 36"L  X  21W  X  19"H. This would make a great conversation piece in anyones home and provide quite a bit of storage as well. Ca 1866 - 1875

June 2007
Going to it's new home in
New York City