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Rare Original Condition
Small Civil War Era Travel Trunk With Tray and bent wood handles

Look at the condition of this Trunk!  Here is a small Civil War Travel Trunk or possibly a Salesman's sample trunk with tray with tray and key in original condition.  Rarely do we see or have the opportunity to find a trunk that has about 90% of the original paper still intact and not just falling off.  This small trunk is paper covered, tooled to resemble leather and also features the metal banding all around the edges.  You may notice that it looks to have metal banding on the front as well, but this is just an illusion and is printed on the paper itself.  In addition to the wonderful banding each nail has a metal decorative plate and this trunk has 3 hardwood slats across the top, just like its larger cousins. 

This is a rare and wonderful trunk that we have left in its original condition.  The key that came with this trunk does open and close the latch but it is a little quirky and we do not recommend using it unless you try it a few times without the lid being closed so you can get the feel of the mechanism. This trunk will be sold As-Is.  

A wonderful example of craftsmanship that has endured the ages. 
It will be a great conversation piece in anyone’s home,

                It measures 24 L X 12.5 W X 11.5 H.  (This trunk does have a slight dome)

 It is now ready to begin another Legacy in your home.